We specialize in custom designs for your landscape project. With years of experience in both commercial and residential landscaping projects in the Greater New Orleans area, our landscape architects excel in creating visually stunning projects.



It is not only important for your garden to look good, it is important that each plant is carefully selected and laid out. Climate and placement are two major influences on the success of a garden. With years of experience in plants and design in the New Orleans Area, we have obtained a substantial amount of knowledge in knowing which plants will work for you.



When selecting the right plants it is also important to consider maintenance. Gardens can require plenty of attention, especially in the beginning. Rain, sunshine, and temperature are a few of the additional dynamic factors that effect the welfare of your garden. Maintenance is a solid investment into the longevity and health of your project. We specialize in maintenance contracts for a large variety of projects.



Landscape lights are a great way to accent the features of your project. Landscape lights come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. There are also a large number of factors to consider when planning a lighting system for your home and garden. Housing types range from spotlights, uplights, overhead lights, pathway, etc. We specialize in selecting the right lighting and effective placement to fully maximize the features of your garden.



Hardscapes are an important aspect of well designed landscape project. They not only create a better visual experience, they can allow accessibility and other structural advantages and if done correctly, it results in a stunning presence that’s both practical and complementary. Whether its paving areas of your yard, providing walk ways, building garden beds, walls, patios and decks, TLG specializes in the design and installation of virtually any hardscape needs.



Plants and trees are very vulnerable in the early stages and require and extreme amount of care. Fortunately a properly installed irrigation system can make providing the proper water for your garden virtually hassle free. They are fairly inexpensive considering the benefits that they yield. We provide sprinkler system design and installation. We recommend that all of our clients thoroughly consider the additional of an effective irrigation system.